My daddy is a fireman. Firefighter decor sign.

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My daddy is a fireman. Firefighter decor sign.

Authentic Hand crafted, hand painted sign created and made by Firemen. These signs make the perfect gift for Firefighters with kiddos or with one on the way. These can be customized any way you like. Send us a convo for other options. My Mommy Our Daddy Our Mommy Our Papa My Papa No Vinyl here. Approx 12x18 wood sign Great gift for a little rookies room or for new parents. These signs are painted onto white pine, all imperfections of the wood are kept to add character and uniqueness. Each sign has its own minor differences that make it original. Copyright notice: © Cavella Design, 2013.Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Cavella Design is strictly prohibited.